I apologize if you do come across any errors in my designs.  They are tested several time before release but myself & my testers are only human so therefore do occasionally miss things.  I am happy to help were I can & am very grateful for those of you that let me know of any mistakes no matter how small.  Below you will find any corrections that I know of to date x

Apollo - Page 4 - Row 17 - Should have K4 at the end of the row.

Roses are Red - Cardigan - Right Front - Should read CAST ON 24sts (Not 22)

                     Cardigan Yoke - Joining row - Should read K42 from back

                                       (not 43) giving you a TOTAL of 148sts (not 149)

HazelCardigan - Right Front 

Row 3; K8, yfwd, sl1k1p, K1, K2tog, yfwd, K10(14,18,22).

Joining Row stitch count should be 161(177,201,221)


For 1ST Size Only on the COLLAR

Increase row 1; P1, K1tbl, [M1, P5] 4 times, P5, [M1, P5] 4 times, M1, K1tbl, P1. (58sts)

Increase row 2; Knit


Aran Pram Suit

Trousers - Increase on trousers should read to last 4sts (not to last 2sts)

Jumper - Sleeve are worked as for the cardigan.


Marshmallow Hearts

After you work the joining row for the yoke, work a purl row keeping bands correct BEFORE you begin the decreasing. 


Jazz Part I

On the Bolero, Rows 64 & 65 are not missing but the rest of these sections are misnumbered (2 rows out) - continue working as pattern states.

Jazz Part II

Row 49 - Ignore the P2 after the P5 at the beginning of the row.



Abrreviation RT should read BACK not FRONT

Edging Row 11; P2, *P1, WRAP, P3, rep from * to end.

Sleeves - Ignore were it tells you to cast off immediately after working the required length.  The following 2 rows are the raglan cast off.


Baby Pine

Jacket - Back of Bodice - Row 67 - Should read 5 Times at end of row not 6. 



Row 5 of the Left Leg of the Dungarees should read K to last 7sts (not 8 as stated)


There are errors in the hood section, please contact me for the updated version if I haven't already been in touch x


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