Handy Hints & Tips

Here you will find some handy hints & tips that I have found useful in my 30+ years of knitting, I will even let you in on a few secrets too, more will be added when I remember them x

Useful Tools

Digital Kitchen Scales - Ever been knitting something & unsure if you have enough to finish, eg knit a sleeve then weigh it so you can then judge if you will have enough to knit the other one.  This also works great for booties etc.


Safety Pins - We all have these in our craft boxes but they are more useful than you think.  Use them instead of buying expensive stitch markers.  I also find they are great if you have a large number of stitches to cast on so you can divide it up & not have to count the whole row again, eg cast on a number of stitches then mark them say every 50sts.

Spare Knitting Needles - Useful for slipping work onto if you are going to knit the stitches at a later time & lets face it we all run out of stitch holders at some point.

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